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Regional Extension Center (REC)

AeHN was awarded the federal contract to manage the Alaska Regional Extension Center, one of more than 60 national centers to assist providers in the adoption and meaningful use of EHRs.

The Alaska eHealth Network (AeHN) provides support services for healthcare providers assisting them in the adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) with the goal of helping providers achieve Meaningful Use (MU). Wherever your practice/ hospital is—from considering your first EHR purchase to optimizing the performance of your long-implemented EMR—we can help you define and successfully complete the next steps.

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Consulting Services

  • EHR Readiness Assessment
  • Selecting an EHR / Contracting with Vendor
  • Work Flow Design/Redesign
  • Training
  • Implementation Support
  • IT Support

About the Health Information Technology Extension Program
Regional Extension Centers
The Federal HITECH Act authorizes a Health Information Technology Extension Program. The extension program consists of Regional Extension Centers and a national Health Information Technology Research Center (HITRC). 

The regional centers will offer technical assistance, guidance, and information on best practices to support and accelerate health care providers’ efforts to become meaningful users of Electronic Health Records (EHRS). The extension program will establish an estimated 70 (or more) regional centers, each serving a defined geographic area. The regional centers will support at least 100,000 primary care providers, through participating non-profit organizations, in achieving meaningful use of EHRs and enabling nationwide health information exchange.

Certified Health IT Product List
To determine if an EHR product or a bundle of EHR products your organization has is certified to meet federal meaningful use requirements, click here.

Federal Incentives
Registration for the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs, administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), started on January 3, 2011. Click here to download important information.

Meaningful Use Overview
How do you ensure eligibility for federal incentives? Click here to download answers.

Vendor Partners
The following organizations are vendor partners contracted to provide Regional Extension Center provider practice services:
Health Information Technology consultants – Maxwell IT, Peer Consulting, Orr Systems, PCNet, Valley Business Machines, Wivoda Consulting, OCHIN, Educational Management Associates, Inc. (EMA), Computerwerks Inc., Computer Consulting Services LLC, Datacade, LLC, Design-PT, Practice-Wise LLC, KMD Services & Consulting, Dabbs Computer Consultants LLC, Alaska Primary Care Association.
EHR Vendors: Greenway, eMDs, Amazing Charts, HealthCo Information Systems (Representing GE HealthCare and Centricity Practice Solutions), Allscripts, eClinical Works, SOAPware, Inc., Computer Programs and Systems Inc., Medicalistics, Office Ally LLC.



Practice  Wise

Peer Consulting


ORR Systems


Office Ally



Maxwell IT






EMA Inc.







Amazing Charts

Quest Diagnostics

Care 360


Dabbs Computer Consulting


Success EHS

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Access our AeHN vendor services list here »

EHR Vendor Partnerships
Our Regional Extension Center has established a “vendor friendly” policy which addresses the unique demographic, geographic, and EHR adoption challenges in Alaska and the need for qualified vendors as partners in our organization to support priority primary care providers and hospitals in their EHR adoption process. Each vendor must agree to perform provider practice service(s) in congruence with our Vendor Services Agreement and our responsibilities as grantee under our cooperative agreement with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

In addition, all EHR products must be either:

  • Certified* for stage one Meaningful Use and, based on expert opinion, are expected to be certified to meet stage two and threecriteria, or
  • Anticipated to AeHN or other appropriate healthcare experts to achieve certification for stage one by the end of 2011 and, based on expert opinion, are capable of certification for stage two and three criteria.

* Certification is defined by ONC-Authorized Testing and Certification Bodies (ONC-ATCBs). For more information on EHR certification, visit

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