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Provider Spotlight: Dr. John Hunter, M.D.

provider-spotlight-john-hunterA round of applause is in order for Dr. John Hunter and his internal medicine staff at Dr. John Hunter, M.D., for their successful achievement of meaningful use!

Dr. Hunter and his staff recognized early on that electronic health records (EHRs) were going to be the future of health care. In 2007, they began their transition from paper to electronic records. Fast-forward six years, and Dr. Hunter’s team has successfully achieved the national reporting of meaningful use measures. As a result, patient prescriptions are more comprehensive and easier to track, and the EHR automatically alerts Dr. Hunter and his staff of potentially life-threatening drug interactions. Plus, coordinating care for patients is more efficient and streamlined thanks to a more integrated system with lab interface and extensive training for staff.

Don’t you want to stop thumbing through paper charts?

Here’s some meaningful use advice straight from Dr. Hunter and his staff:

  • Take the time to train staff right—it’s worth it!
  • Check if your vendor supports meaningful use
  • Vet EHR vendors thoroughly before you buy
  • Designate a staff member to monitor and manage meaningful use