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For Small and Rural Hospitals

In collaboration with the Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association (ASHNHA), AeHN offers targeted resources and support to our rural and small hospital members.  AeHN shares ASHNHA’s goal to advance a health delivery system that improves healthcare to all Alaskans.  Between the technical interoperability requirements and constantly changing reporting guidelines AeHN is a trusted source for questions and support.  These targeted materials and resources should be used as a guide to assist with meaningful use, hospital participation with Health Information Exchange (HIE) and practical HIE use cases.

HIE is especially beneficial to rural areas where the distance between health care facilities is great and specialists are often not available locally.  HIE will:

  • Give providers instant access to information they need to make timely, critical decisions to save lives
  • Decrease travel time for patients and their families
  • Facilitate efficient transfer to other facilities for vital services not offered locally
  • Facilitate efficient local care after transfer from tertiary care hospitals
  • Create transitions of care coordination for improving communication across care settings and multiple providers
  • Improve care coordination for providers and patients
  • Reduce redundant laboratory and imaging testing

Use Cases Resource Links

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