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Direct Secure Messaging How Tos

PLEASE NOTE:  Additional email instructions are accessible from the Webmail Portal.  You can access the Knowledge Base by clicking HELP next to your name in the Upper Right hand corner of your email screen.

How do I turn on Notifications to be sent to my work email address:
By default the system is set to “On” and Message Delivery Notifications are sent to the email you provided during registration. To modify these setting refer the to Knowledge Base by clicking Help next to your name in the email screen.

How do I filter Read Receipts or Delivery Notifications?
Please click on the link below to setup email filters.
Configure Message Delivery Notification Filter

I forgot my password. How can I get it the password reset?
If you have set your Challenge Responses, you may use the self-service feature.  If you have not set your Challenge Responses, please send an email request to: support@ak-ehealth.org. Be sure to include your user name, your full name, your phone number, and the name of your organization and department.

How can I find (search for) a colleague or other provider in Direct Secure Messaging?
To search by name:

• Put a first name and/or last name Show Provider Search fields box (upper right hand corner) and press Enter.
Note: You don’t have to enter the whole name, any portion will begin to filter the user database.

Can I save email files to my computer?
Yes, however, please remember that these are encrypted, confidential protected health information files and should only be saved to an encrypted hard drive for storage.

To save the email to a file:
• Open the selected email.
• Select Print button
• Choose a PDF printer (this allows you save to secure network drive)

How to fix Clinical Portal cannot be opened in this window error message in IE9 or newer:
This error is caused by your browser thinking that you have an open window into the Direct Secure Mail system. To correct the problem, Select File in the upper left hand corner of the browser, then select New Session from the drop down menu. This will close the browser tab and open a new login window. If you don’t have File on your browser bar, right click in the toolbar and select Menu Bar. You should now have the Menu showing in your toolbar.

What browser should I use to access the Direct Secure Messaging service?
The following browsers are supported: Internet Explorer (IE) 6 and higher or Firefox 10 ESR.


Standard: TECHNICAL SAFEGUARDS Sections Implementation Specification R/A?
Person or Entity Authentication 164.312(d) R
The Rule States: “Implement procedures to verify that a person or entity seeking access to electronic protected health information is the one claimed.”
Solution: Username and Password are used for access control; strict control is given over who can access user’s accounts.