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Why is health information technology important to me?

In the same way that information technology has revolutionized everyday life from the way we manage our finances to how we watch movies, information technology is changing the way we address the health of our communities. Learn more here.

Benefits of health information technology

  • Better information means safer care. Electronic health records (EHRs) offer a more complete picture of your health than paper records. Providers aren’t just treating one specific ailment, they’re improving your overall health.
  • Faster, more accurate prescriptions. E-prescribing systems automatically send orders to the pharmacy. Say “good bye” to deciphering your provider’s cryptic handwriting.
  • Reduce unnecessary tests. You have probably answered the same questions about personal information and medical history dozens of times on seemingly identical forms. Allowing authorized providers to share your health information reduces redundancies in x-rays, lab testing, and paperwork.
  • Secure access to information. In the event of a tragedy or natural disaster, your health information can be transferred and accessed electronically. Paper health records may be unrecoverable or completely destroyed under these circumstances.

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