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What is health information technology?

Your medical information, which used to be in a paper chart, is being converted to an electronic medical record using health information technology (HIT). Eventually, you and your doctor or nurse will be able to send messages back and forth using HIT. You will be able to pull your record from multiple systems using secure software and hardware developed specifically to protect your information. HIT is designed to collect, store, and exchange patient data. Learn more here.

HIT replaces the paper processes of the past. Your health information is securely stored and shared only with the same providers and insurers who received the paper information. Doctors and hospitals can now replace unsecure fax machines, copiers, and mailing processes with a secure method for transmitting your health data from point to point. Learn more here.

Health data is protected by a process known as encryption, which makes the data unreadable except by a health care professional who has a decryption key. Learn more here. You can also read additional information about how this makes your health record more secure. Learn more here.