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What are my options for participation?

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Participation in health information technology and data sharing in Alaska is voluntary. The choice you make will not affect your ability to access medical care. If you believe the risks of health information technology outweigh the benefits, you may choose to Opt-Out or not participate. You should understand that when you Opt-Out, your medical information will not be available to help participating physicians manage your care, even in an emergency. Your choice is personal and will only be shared with your physician.

In certain cases such as the reporting of infectious diseases to public health officials your choice is overridden by public law.  Whatever your choice, in no circumstances is data provided to anyone other than your providers or your insurer as allowed by law.  This is the same reporting that currently occurs with your paper health information by fax or mail.  Electronic transfer allows your data to be transferred securely and provides you with an audit of where your data has been sent.

When you Opt-Out, all of your health information will be removed from the system and only enough demographic information will be kept to make sure that no health information about you is added to the system. This means that if you choose to Opt-In at some future date, there will be no access to past information.

Please note that your opt-out is dependent on the healtheConnect Alaska and your providers having the most current and accurate demographic information.  This information is used to confirm your opt-out designation each time you see a provider – if the information on this form does not match the information provided to your doctor, it may create a new record that is not connected with your opt-out.  If the information on this form changes, please report those changes to the Alaska eHealth Network as soon as possible.

If you are unsure if you wish to participate, you can choose Partial Opt-Out (check box option located on Opt-Out form). This means that your health information is stored in an encrypted file and will only be accessed in an emergency, such as an ER visit. The emergency doctor will be given a decryption key to view your data and will be required to answer a question about why the record is being accessed. This information is stored with your health record and can be given to you by your physician or you can request the information regarding access to your record by contacting healtheConnect Alaska.

If you Opt-Out and later decide you want to participate, you can fill out the Opt-In form. However, your record will only include information from medical visits that happen after you opt back in.
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You may also contact us at (866) 966.9030 ext.1 for more information.