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How is my health information protected?

healtheConnect Alaska utilizes the highest technology security standards available in the industry today to protect your health information. You can read more about these security standards here.

In no circumstances is data provided to anyone other than your provider or your insurer, as allowed by law.  This is the same reporting that currently occurs with your paper health information by fax or mail.  Electronic transfer allows your data to be transferred securely and provides you with an audit of where your data has been sent.

You can rest assured knowing that your health information is also encrypted into a type of language that can only be translated, or decrypted, by someone who has the certificates and authority to do so.  You will have peace of mind knowing that every time your personal health information is accessed by your physician or nurse, an audit trail is recorded.  This type of accountability provides an additional layer of security for your health information.

healtheConnect Alaska has trust agreements with all health information exchange (HIE) participants. These agreements define who can access and change data.  All healtheConnect Alaska participants agree to follow the privacy and security policies that govern data protection and use. Audits are continually performed to monitor data access.

There are federal and state laws regarding who can access your data.  These laws permit access to health data only for treatment and payment.  Access to your health information is mediated by permission controls, such as passwords or security certificates. This ensures that only authorized individuals like your doctor or nurse can have access to your protected health information. Learn more here.

To view our Privacy and Security Policies, please click here.